Want to cultivate an EPIC dōTERRA business? Start with inner (r)evolution!

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Cultivate {your} Evolution

Cultivate Evolution is a collaboration between Meredith Kelly of Cultivate Wellness and Bryna Haynes of Choose Your Evolution

We’re visionary unicorns with a BIG mission to help people live into their most powerful dreams through creating wildly successful & uber-profitable dōTERRA lifestyle businesses!


 Who We Are


Meredith Kelly

The attraction marketing genius


Meredith is the co-founder of Cultivate Wellness, along with her wife, Julez Weinberg, She is a Blue Diamond dōTERRA leader with growing international teams.

Her unique, authentic approach to attraction marketing and background as a healer and energy worker have helped Meredith build a thriving organization of THOUSANDS of people in under five years. She is highly skilled at teaching others how to create an intentional business that suits their beautiful, authentic, heartfelt vision for a better lifestyle.

Bryna Haynes

The (r)Evolutionary


The founder and creatrix of Choose Your Evolution, Bryna is a catalyst for conscious evolution for leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as a dōTERRA wellness advocate and referral partner. She leads national and international retreats and events where changemakers with BIG missions come together to create inner (r)evolution, break through perceived limitations, and become the most powerful versions of themselves.


 We Believe

  • A truly successful business ALWAYS evolves from the inside out.

  • Success is 90% mindset, 10% strategy.

  • You have the power to create anything you desire—if you’re wiling to become the version of you who can sustain it.

  • your body, mind, spirit AND bank account are fueled by the same energy.

  • The best way to break the glass ceiling is to out-create it.

  • Collaboration is EXPONENTIALLY more powerful than competition—and infinitely more fun!